Variety Bash Car 123 presents The Dark Knight Rises

Variety Bash Car 123 presents The Dark Knight RisesHave you heard? The boys of the South Australian Variety Bash Car 123 have arranged for the Dark Knight to Rise on July 22nd at 5:30pm!

You can even buy a ticket online right now.

What do you get for your $30?

  • 1 alcoholic (or non-alcoholic beverage, including beer, wine and bubbles);
  • Free nibbles supplied very generous by our sponsors;
  • 1 raffle ticket to our amazing raffle of prizes (which we will announce closer to the event)
  • And the movie at the Capri Theatre!!

You can buy more drinks when you’re there, and you can also buy lots more raffle tickets! But we’ll announce all of that closer to the event!


So you’re keen? Great! Jump below to buy tickets online using PayPal, or call us on (08) 7324 3930 and we can arrange to meet with you and give your tickets in person!!

We accept cash, credit, and bank transfer.