Car 123 SA Variety Bash

Car 123 SA Variety BashIt’s done and dusted, the SA Variety Bash has been and gone for another year and once again it was an experience that can’t be described by words.

Yoshi (Josh), Luigi (Michael) and Princess Peach (Jess) set off in the ’66 HR and once again braved puddles of mud, tracks of sand and a busted transmission to complete the 2013 SA Variety Bash.

The team this year raised just over $15,000, achieving again Bronze Stars for the amount of money raised.

We must thank all of our sponsors from the bottom of the page again for their amazing support of Car 123, and an extra thank you to those of you who came to our events or made individual donations to Variety SA.

This year the Bash raised $1.75 million for the children of South Australia and we couldn’t be more proud, being part of that family.

It’s already decided, we’ll see you all again in 2014!