How can you help SA Variety Bash Car 123 2014

How can you help SA Variety Bash Car 123 2014You might not have lots of money, and you might not have lots of time, but there are still things you can do to help us here at Car 123 and we’d REALLY appreciate any of them.

1. Get Connected

It might not seem like much, but a LIKE on Facebook, a +1 on Google+ or a FOLLOW on Twitter is actually very powerful. It shows our sponsors, our supporters and members of the public that we mean business. It shows that we’re for real and that someone is listening. This helps us immensely!

2. Send us $1

$1. What can we do with $1? Well with $1 we can do more than we can do with nothing. With $1 from 2 people, we suddenly have $2! $2 is twice as good as $1 and it’s really that easy.

The process for donating is even easier, just jump over to our Donate to SA Variety Bash Car 123 page, and read the instructions!

P.S. If you send us $100, we’ll write your name on the car as part of Club 123!

3. Come to an event

We are going to be running three events in the 2013/2014 Fundraising period (which has already started).

  1. The first is one for the families out there.. A movie day. It’s a kid-friendly, all-ages day which includes sausages, popcorn and HEAPS of chocolate from our amazing sponsors at Melba’s. (You missed it!)
  2. The second will be a pub day for you and your friends, where all you have to do is come and have something to eat or drink and we take the cream off the top from the pub. There’ll be raffles, door prizes and more! (Sorry, you missed this one too!)

Stay tuned to this website and our social media pages for updates.

If you have a business, or have a cause to promote, then become a sponsor. We’ve got lots of options available to all sorts of levels of sponsorship!