Patrick Allan Mario SA Variety Bash Car 123
Patrick Allan Mario SA Variety Bash Car 123
Pat with his hat*. That’s going to be funny all year. *Hat is not a real hat, but Photoshop.

Car 123 is very excited to welcome its newest member for the 2014 SA Variety Bash, Patrick Allan as Mario!

Pat comes with a wealth of Bash experience, competing valiantly as one of the Steve Irwins in the 2012 and 2013 Bashes. This year he joins 123 as Mario and can’t wait:

I can’t wait. I’ve heard so much about 123 and I think that they’re amazing guys who run an amazing team. They are my idols. My heroes.

– Probably not Pat

Pat’s role in the team leading up to the 2014 Bash is being the best Mario he can be, taking care of business, and organising events. With a huge knowledge of the hospitality industry, Pat already has some incredible ideas for 123 events… So stay tuned!