Well first things first: THANK YOU!

You’ve got this far which means you’re at least a little interested in our cause, and for that we can’t thank you enough.

So let’s get right down to it: How can you sponsor Car 123, 456, 789? We know that businesses all have different budgets and allocations for sponsorship, community programs and donations and that’s why we’ve designed we’re open to any level of support.

Click here to download our Introducing Car 123-456-789 Sponsorship Pack

Sponsorship starts at $500 and could include:

  • Logo display on the 123, 456 and 789 Roofbox (front, back and sides) – Subject to approval
  • Special mention in all 123, 456, 789 Promotional material
  • Thanked at 123, 456, 789 events specially
  • Special mention on all 123, 456, 789 Website pages (with link and featured blog post, written by you and us combined)
  • Multiple focused promotions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in own posts (with link)
  • You can use 123, 456, 789 at an event or similar for promotion of your involvement with the team (we all have great costumes that can be seen on the Facebook page) where we will bring the car and team (subject to availability and timing)

We are looking for sponsors for any amount: $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000 or more!

We’re always open to discussing ANY options you might have in mind so please fill in this form to let us know!