Well first things first: THANK YOU! You’ve got this far which means you’re at least a little interested in our cause, and for that we can’t thank you enough. So let’s get right down to it: How can you sponsor Car 123? We know that businesses all have different budgets and allocations for sponsorship, community […]

Click here to get the Mario Party Meal Deal!! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s here! The last opportunity for you to get in and support SA Variety Bash Car 123 in 2014.. And this one’s an easy one. We’re headed to the Seven Stars Hotel (187 Angas St, Adelaide) for dinner and drinks from 6pm on […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Variety Bash Car 123 is very excited to present, with the help of Variety Bash CAR EFM, THE LEGO MOVIE! Raising money for the kids of Variety SA, we’re throwing this fundraising event with the proud support of our sponsors. Tickets are $30pp for Adults, $25pp for Children, and $110 per family of 4.. They’re available […]

Here’s another really easy way to raise money for South Australian Variety Bash Car 123! Go to OrangeShirt.com.au, buy a shirt. That’s all! Every cent you spend goes directly to us, it’s really that easy.

You might not have lots of money, and you might not have lots of time, but there are still things you can do to help us here at Car 123 and we’d REALLY appreciate any of them. 1. Get Connected It might not seem like much, but a LIKE on Facebook, a +1 on Google+ or […]

Car 123 is very excited to welcome its newest member for the 2014 SA Variety Bash, Patrick Allan as Mario! Pat comes with a wealth of Bash experience, competing valiantly as one of the Steve Irwins in the 2012 and 2013 Bashes. This year he joins 123 as Mario and can’t wait: I can’t wait. […]

Josh & Mike from Variety Bash Car 123 visited the crew from Freshly squeezed to have a chat about the Bash and much more. Jay-Bangers, Erin & Simmo asked the boys about their theme of Yoshi & Luigi, and how they plan to survive the 25th Anniversary of the South Australian Variety Bash.